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Confirmed for Brawl

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if ur big brother likes pizza he is ur pepperonii-chan

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USD $9.99
Anonymous says: what is ur opinion on fluffy bunnies

Yes to fluffy bunnies!!



by Nia Bailey

yuri > yaoi
albert einstein, barack obama, and god  (via bekki-chan)

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生クリームいちご大福に挑戦してみた (by izmi05)

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Lol, I only half realized that shit was even happening, then I just went back to sleep.

Haha isn’t it funny how it’s not actually a big deal to us? I sometimes get friends from out of the area frantically asking “are you okay??!?” and it’s just like… it’s like nothing even happened lol. I’m actually pretty disappointed that I didn’t even wake up at all D: It’s kinda fun to feel them… haha And it was big enough to feel but not big enough to be killing people left and right so I don’t feel as guilty saying that…kinda lol

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